Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Time Warner Craple

There are many things that bother me...folding clean laundry, making multiple trips from the car to the house after the grocery store, cleaning, etc. The thing I despise the most in this life can be reference by three little words: Time Warner Cable.

I have always been a terrestrial cable person, although about a year and a half ago I tried to cut the cord on TWC and get Directv, but of course, given the current housing situation we are stuck in, satellite TV would not be possible.

Last summer some Schmoe knocked on our door and offered us to bundle our cable, internet and phone (which we only give to people we don't want to talk to). This brought an added dependence on TWC. Since we use the internet more than we use toothpaste, we needed the web to be available all the time. Anyway, TCW has continually let us down since we have been customers (going on 7 years now). The picture is jumpy, slow and sometimes the channels don't even work.

I've had to exchange my cable box a half a dozen times, made numerous calls to customer service and still the cable sucks. It just hurts me every time I try to watch a show and the cable slows to a snail pace. I die a little every time I have to reboot my cable box... let's just say my patience is getting thinner and thinner.

I've always said that as soon as we're in a situation where I can get satellite TV I will... the question is, will that ever happen? but the answer to that question is a story for a different blog.


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