Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Wife

Today is wifey's birthday. She is finally as old as I am again. Since I am 5 months older, for nearly half the year we are a different number age, something she relishes in. For the other half we are the same, something she doesn't relish in.

No matter the case, it is a joyeous day for her and the rest of the family. I got home from work early to "tag team" parent with the baby and then do some errands... well this happened to be the one day that the birthday girl did not leave daddy with the car seat. Some might call this irony, I begin one of them.

Oh well, I'll figure something out. We are going to lamont st. grill tonight for dinner, a very underrated dining establishment on PB. Can't wait, it's usually a really good meal.

Happy Birthday Honey!

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