Tuesday, February 23, 2010

EDTEC Podcasting Design Document

Implementation Plan for AP World History Chapter Review Podcasts
Series Title: APWH Traditions and Encounters Chapter Reviews

Series Description: This is a series of podcasts that will give a basic overview of each chapter of the APWH textbook, Traditions and Encounters (Bentley, 2006).  Each podcast will cover the big picture topics of the chapter including major themes, time periods and significant people and places.

Format: These podcasts will be hosted on www.padomatic.com and then ultimately on iTunes.

Audience: Primary audience is 10th grade AP world history students who are using Traditions and Encounters in their course work.  Secondary users include, those interested in general world history, students preparing for CST exams, parents wanting to help their kids, etc.

There are 40 chapters in the Traditions and Encounters text which will serve as the foundation for this podcast series. After those, future topics could include: world religion development and spread, changing trade patterns, AP test taking strategies and others.

Marketing Plan:  Since the audience for this podcast is my students, I can easily direct them to either podbean or iTunes.  Given the number of students with iPods, I think most will choose the iTunes option.  Also, our district has an online grade/assignment page (www.edline.net), so I could potentially host the podcasts there.

Episodes: Some potential episode outlines build on the following content guidelines:

Episode 25:  CHAPTER 25 REVIEW:  New Worlds: The Americas and Oceania
Spanish in the New World
                How’d they get there?
                Why Spanish and not Portuguese?
Cortez in Mexico
                Contact with Aztecs
                Journey to Tenochtitlan
                Technological advantage
Pizarro in Peru
                Technological advantage
                Easy destruction
Colonial Societies of the New World
                Small pox and natives
                Social Classes
                                Peninsulares, criollos, mestizos, mulattoes, zambos
                Silver from Potosi
                Sugar from Brazil and Caribbean
                Spanish Galleons
                Firs and timber from North America
Europeans in Pacific
                Dutch first recorded to Australia
                Captain Cook and Hawaii
                English and Australia
                European trade networks

Episode 26:  CHAPTER 26 REVIEW:  Africa and the Atlantic World
African Societies
                Rise of Songhay: Sunni Ali
                                Location, trade, religion, downfall
                Kingdom of Kongo: King Afonso I
                                Relationship with Portuguese
                                Syncretic Religion: Antonian Movement/Dona Beatriz
                Swahili City States
                                Location, trade, religion
                                Relationship with Portuguese
Triangle Trade
                Goods moving from Europe to Africa (manufactured)
                Africa to New World
                                Slave trade: Middle Passage
                                                Justification for trade of slaves: historical precedent
                                                How many, dangers of trip, etc.
                                                End of slave trade           
                New World to Europe
                                Raw materials/cash crops
African Diaspora
                Spreading and blending of various African cultures in New World
                Slave colonies, revolts  
                Olaudah Equiano, Frederick Douglass

Episode 27:  CHAPTER 27 REVIEW:  Tradition and Change in East Asia
Foundation of Ming Dynasty
                Hongwu, Yongle, Zheng He
                Building projects
                High Points
Dynastic Cycle downturn
                Manchu Rebellion
Qing Foundation
                Nurhaci, Kangxi, Qianlong
                Civil Service Exams
                Patriarchal society
                Population increase
Japan Unification
                Review of Japanese Feudalism
                Tokugawa Shogunate
Chinese/Japanese Isolation
                Cut selves off from Europe
                Limit trade
                Lack of Modernization

Episode 28:  CHAPTER 28 REVIEW:  The Islamic Empires
Foundations of Islamic Empires
                Mughal: Babur, Akbar, Shah Jahan, Aurangzeb
                                Tolerance with Hindus
                Safavid: Shah Ismail, Abbas the Great
                                Shiite empire
                                Fought Ottomans – Chaldiran
                                Move capital to Isfahan
                                Fight Portuguese, others
                Ottoman: Osman Bey, Mehemed II, Suleiman
                                Take over from Mongols/Seljuk Turks
                                Mehemed II – conquer Constantinople, make Muslim
                                Suleiman – peak of dynasty
Commonalities of Empires
                Co-existence with non-Muslims
                Lack of technological advancement
                Agriculture based, strong military… for a time
                Put faith in emperor – some leaders good, some not so good
                Fight for succession

Episode 29:  CHAPTER 29 REVIEW:  Revolutions and National States in the Atlantic World
Popular Sovereignty and Political Upheaval
                 Enlightenment and ideals
                                Popular sovereignty      
                                Equality for all                   
                                Social contract
American Revolution
                Declaration of Independence    
                Follows Locke’s theories                              
                Colonists mad about lack of representation
French Revolution
                Causes –short and long term
                Course of war (Estates General, Dec. of Rights of Man, Great Fear, March on Versailles, Robespierre, National Razor, etc…)
                Napoleon’s reign
                Congress of Vienna
Other Revs.
                Other Latin American Revs         
                Women’s rights movements
Unification and state building
                Italy: Cavour, Garibaldi
                Germany: Bismarck

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Wife

Today is wifey's birthday. She is finally as old as I am again. Since I am 5 months older, for nearly half the year we are a different number age, something she relishes in. For the other half we are the same, something she doesn't relish in.

No matter the case, it is a joyeous day for her and the rest of the family. I got home from work early to "tag team" parent with the baby and then do some errands... well this happened to be the one day that the birthday girl did not leave daddy with the car seat. Some might call this irony, I begin one of them.

Oh well, I'll figure something out. We are going to lamont st. grill tonight for dinner, a very underrated dining establishment on PB. Can't wait, it's usually a really good meal.

Happy Birthday Honey!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Time Warner Craple

There are many things that bother me...folding clean laundry, making multiple trips from the car to the house after the grocery store, cleaning, etc. The thing I despise the most in this life can be reference by three little words: Time Warner Cable.

I have always been a terrestrial cable person, although about a year and a half ago I tried to cut the cord on TWC and get Directv, but of course, given the current housing situation we are stuck in, satellite TV would not be possible.

Last summer some Schmoe knocked on our door and offered us to bundle our cable, internet and phone (which we only give to people we don't want to talk to). This brought an added dependence on TWC. Since we use the internet more than we use toothpaste, we needed the web to be available all the time. Anyway, TCW has continually let us down since we have been customers (going on 7 years now). The picture is jumpy, slow and sometimes the channels don't even work.

I've had to exchange my cable box a half a dozen times, made numerous calls to customer service and still the cable sucks. It just hurts me every time I try to watch a show and the cable slows to a snail pace. I die a little every time I have to reboot my cable box... let's just say my patience is getting thinner and thinner.

I've always said that as soon as we're in a situation where I can get satellite TV I will... the question is, will that ever happen? but the answer to that question is a story for a different blog.