Saturday, January 30, 2010

Worst Movie Award

I'm watching the Lifetime Movie Network premiere of I Know Who Killed me starring the talented Lindsay Lohan. This movie is Hollywood gold let me tell you. First of all, I'm not even sure the plot makes sense. The story line, it there is one is confusing at best and the acting/dialogue is awful. Lohan is probably the worst actress of my generation. Talk about overrated. Even the name of the flick is bad. I know who killed me? Who would say this, and how? I hate this movie. The only redeeming factor I see at this moment, 58 minutes (plus commercials) in, is that it was at least partially filmed in San Luis Obispo. There was a scene where there were in front of the Fremont Theater. I remember watching Arachnophobia in the mid 80s in that theater. The place was completely full. That movie also was filmed in SLO county.

Hiked Torrey Pines today, good times. Only hard part was putting the baby in the backpack and then carrying her up that crazy steep hill. That got a bit tiring. It was a beautiful day out there and we shared it with what seemed like half of San Diego County.


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