Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I am so stinking tired of all these different usernames and passwords to remember. It is absolutely ridiculus, I can't stand it!! From three different email accounts, to bank accounts, to credit cards, to other various bills, to every other site that requires a username/password, and to all these different school websites we've been using, it just gets to be too much. When does it end? I don't know that, but here is my proposal...

Someone needs to create a website that houses all passwords/usernames. Here is how I would set it up. This would take a bit of work on the user up front, but then life would be so much easier with so much less to remember. The page would allow users to register various website username and passwords. Once finished, that one page, we'll call it www.passworld.com, the user can simply click on the page they want to go to and because the id/password is already saved on passworld, there is no hassle with signing in.

I suppose there is already many password managers out there, but since this one is an online format, it could prove to be much easier (and cheaper) than purchased software.

Just a dream.

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